Start Avg not updating correctly

Avg not updating correctly

It's been about 2 months since I last played Inquisition and when trying to fire up the game yesterday, it opened a black window for about a second before closing immediately.

Some people with this issue have found that temporarily disabling or uninstalling AVG has solved this issue, so it's something to try if you're using AVG.

I also tried both GPUs before removing Profile Options, also no difference.

I also tried launching some other Origin games (Sims 4 and DA2) which both opened fine.

I haven't uninstalled/reinstalled the game yet as it's a bit tedious (my game was installed from disc) and I won't have the time to let it run for another couple of weeks, so that's my last resort (and I don't know if it'll work).

I also don't want to lose all my saves, and if I have to copy out my current saves in order to restore them after the reinstall, makes me wonder if that'll break my game again.

Deleting the CONTENTS of that folder then repairing the game forces it to repatch itself and can correct corrupted files.

Okay, so I shouldn't delete the folder itself but just the contents?

I have no mods installed, just vanilla game, but I have the DLCs Trespasser and The Black Emporium.