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Phillip added: 'So obviously saying that, he hasn't got probate, he's saying that he hasn't got access to the assets yet so none of the money we've apparently seen him spend could have come from there.'Robbie said: 'Make sure you talk, there are a few times we tried to but we were never sat down and explained to about what was in the will.

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He said, “This sum is to be split between you and Robbie, and another sum is to be split between you, Robbie, Bradley and Stacey,” who are his children.

When Michael told Pattemore he and his brother were considering contesting their mother’s will in court, Pattemore insisted he was planning to buy a house to convert into flats so he could give one each to the brothers.

Appearing on today's This Morning, Robbie - a guest relations manager at a London hotel - told Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: 'When I was told to move out I took things that had sentimental value like family pictures and paintings.

Robbie said: 'We're not actually challenging the validity of the will as such.

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But by last August, having seen no sign of any financial help from Pattemore apart from gifts of £750 to each of them, and the payment by him of Michael’s car insurance, they felt the time had come to seek legal advice about their predicament.