Start Bind dynamic updating zone records

Bind dynamic updating zone records

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The crack was not really interfering with neither touch nor display, so I had not much pressure in fixing it.

e Bay lists new LCD sets for 110-130€, and those still require manual work of getting the LCD assembly out of the case, replacing it, etc.

To do so I wrote cadmium, which scans the available Chromium profiles and allows to start either of them, or Chromium's Incognito Mode. While visiting our Raleigh office, I managed to crack the glass on the screen of my One Plus 3.

On machines with SELinux it can even launch Chromium in the SELinux sandbox. Luckily it was a clean crack from the left upper corner, to the right lower one.

For table data stored on SSD, seek time is not a significant factor and you can turn this setting off to spread out write operations.

For related information, see Section, “Fine-tuning Inno DB Buffer Pool Flushing”. If the locks set on the index records in that range do not lock out inserts made in the gaps, another session can insert a new row into the table.

And the repair is good, and it was not (too) expensive. I would not send it with my, even encrypted, data on it. Android will backup certain data to Google, if you allow it to. I did the backup using TWRP, transferred it to my laptop, wiped the device, sent it in, got it back, copied the backup to the phone, restored it and...