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Just as every trend-chasing company tripped over itself to connect its appliances to the internet five years ago, they’re all racing today to integrate voice assistants, with roughly the same regard for consumers’ actual needs.

The big chipmakers deliver annual keynotes whose focus is often a bellwether for what’s to come (and this year at least one of them will have a lot to answer for).

In other words: While many of the biggest companies and products in the technology industry may skirt CES, the biggest trends rarely do. The self-driving cars and the connected toothbrushes will still be there—the former being of greater interest than the latter.

Products at CES 2018 that incorporate voice-powered A.

I.s will include not just refrigerators but alarm clocks, air conditioners, glasses, lights, thermostats, window blinds, and deadbolt locks.

Mercifully, not all of these will talk back to you.

But they’ll all be listening, which could make for some amusing mishaps whenever someone says “Alexa” a little too loudly on the show floor.

On Wednesday, the show’s second day, you could spend the entire day just going to panels with “Alexa” in the title: at 9 a.m., “Amazon’s quest for Alexa to be everywhere”; at a.m., “Building a smarter home with Alexa”; at a.m., “Enabling the future of automotive with Alexa”; and so on. Microsoft’s Cortana is also vying for partnerships, as is Samsung’s Bixby, bless its little artificial soul.

Apple is still staying out of the CES fray, a strategy that has served it well in the past.

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Amazon’s strategy to put the Alexa software on people’s smartphones and other devices, in addition to its own Echo speakers and Fire TV set-top boxes, has been dubbed “Alexa everywhere.” CES will give us a glimpse of what life might be like when that’s literally the case. dominating the industry has so spooked Google that it has deigned to officially present at CES for the first time in years.