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"The chat has been much quieter in weeks, but I suspect that's because they have moved more to private twitter chats."The anonymous user said he also suspected that it wasn't just Americans and French people in the Discord group.

"I've been here since its inception, we've had no Russians what so ever," he said. "Most of my friends meme." @Das Krout did echo what the other anonymous user said, however.

He said that Discord groups like "The Great Liberation Of France" are forming fairly organically and largely because the users think it's fun and want to disrupt society."Meme campaigns are very loosely organized, but due to the speed of the Internet, it acts as a giant political machine. A challenge to the system."@Das Krout also said that some of the members of his Discord group are attempting to meet in real life, but due to the secrecy of the members and amount of misinformation being spread, vetting true supporters is extensive."Some chats are very strict on entrance and thoroughly 'vet' people in order to verify their claimed identity," he said.

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