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The city has grown greatly since the war, in the seventies using the so-called five-finger-plan of commuter train lines to surrounding towns and suburbs.

In August 1943, when the government's collaboration with the occupation forces collapsed, several ships were sunk in Copenhagen Harbour by the Royal Danish Navy to prevent them being used by the Germans.

, partly on the island of Amager and on a number of natural and artificial islets in between the two.

Copenhagen faces the Øresund to the east, the strait of water that separates Denmark from Sweden, and which connects the North Sea with the Baltic Sea.

The city's origin as a harbour and a place of commerce is reflected in its name.

Its original designation, from which the contemporary Danish name is derived, was It was repeatedly attacked by the Hanseatic League as the Germans took notice.

In 1254, it received its charter as a city under Bishop Jakob Erlandsen.

During 1658-59 it withstood a severe siege by the Swedes under Charles X and successfully repelled a major assault.

As a result, Copenhagen has become the centre of a larger metropolitan area which spans both nations.