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Dating christian ireland

History may be said to begin with written records, though archaeology and genetic researches have much to tell us.

These people were traders and workers in metal—copper, tin, and gold; and long before the arrival of the conquering race of tall, fair-haired people, who became dominant over many parts of Ireland, they were working gold in Wicklow and exporting, among other articles, the beautiful gold lunulae, or crescent-shaped neck ornaments, which have been found in Denmark, the north of France, Belgium, and Germany, in Cornwall, Wales, and Scotland, and in great numbers in Ireland itself.

History has no beginning, and more than a thousand years before Christ traders may have been exchanging their wares along the Mediterranean shores, by way of Sicily, Spain, and Ireland, and so north to the Baltic. These were a tall race of fair-haired people, who brought with them the use of iron, and their arrival in Ireland marks there the beginning of the Iron Age.

Into the early medieval period, cattle and their seasonal movements governed the nomadic rhythms of life.

The ancient sagas of the Fianna, and heroic Irish language narratives of pre-Christian tales, tell us little about early society as such.

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It would appear that the earliest inhabitants of Ireland were hunter-gatherers, later supplemented by nomadic farmers who cleared the land.

From the earliest times of which we have any record the inhabitants of Ireland were a Gaelic-speaking race, though it is not to be inferred that this language was aboriginal.