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His friends and family travelled in the First Class Pullman carriage, Bodysgallen as the train crossed Britannia Bridge in bright sunshine to the sound of bagpipes.

Sutch booked themed tours, such as 'Sutch and the Roman Empire', where Sutch and the band members would be dressed up as Roman soldiers.

Despite self-confessed lack of vocal talent, he released horror-themed singles during the early to mid 1960s, the most popular "Jack the Ripper", covered live and on record by garage rock bands including the White Stripes, the Gruesomes, the Black Lips and the Horrors, the latter for their debut album.

In 1963, Sutch and his manager, Reginald Calvert, took over Shivering Sands Army Fort, a Maunsell Fort off Southend, and in 1964 started Radio Sutch, intending to compete with other pirate radio stations such as Radio Caroline.

Sutch was friends with and at one time lived at the house of Cynthia Payne.

In 1991, his autobiography, Life as Sutch: The Official Autobiography of a Raving Loony (written with Peter Chippindale), was published.

In 2005 Graham Sharpe, who had known him since the late 1960s, wrote the first biography, The Man Who Was Screaming Lord Sutch.

The 1100 Welsh Highland Railway Porthmadog - Caernarfon service carried a genuine Flying Scotsman headboard, on loan from the National Railway Museum in York, in honour of Alan Pegler, the man who rescued both the Ffestiniog Railway and the locomotive Flying Scotsman, currently under restoration at the NRM.

In 2017 his song "Flashing Lights" was featured in Logan Lucky, directed by Steven Soderbergh.