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Dating hereford brand saddle

Of these there are three; one published by Leland in his Collectanea, which was the first that ever appeared: another in Holinshed's Chronicle, dated 1577: and a third printed a few years later by Stowe, and afterwards copied by Duchesne, who received it from Camden.

I certainly do not consider," he continues, "that the names were taken from the well-known Roll of which Leland made use, and which clearly differs from this register, as in fact it does from that given by John Stowe; but whatever the register may have been, it was certainly a noteworthy monument of antiquity, and the time-honoured names it enrolls deserve to be cherished by all interested in antiquity." Quite true; but they are so mangled and distorted by their strange orthography as to be mostly unrecognizable.

Take the following specimens—Seintbrewel: Wadel: Spigurnel: Tupz: Butet: Punchet: Pachet: Parli: Cunli: Cicerli: Wilbi: Spinevile: Ferebrace: Feteplace: Gunter: Carli: Brok: Kusas: Escot: Figarvi: Kosni, &c.

But I have found the pursuit of truth a path bristling with thorns, and beset with pitfalls.