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Sex for money online

It is also about marketing, instruction, and conveying information of all kinds.

Today, a few new media producers have managed to build ad-supported businesses, namely Revision3 and Next New Networks.

But between the two, they have raised over $30 million in venture capital. For those others, I recommend creating content that other media companies will pay for, to buy them enough time to build a syndication business and eventually, a fully ad-supported business which commands the large ad dollars.

Ad Networks Are Low Margin Businesses This week, video ad network Brightroll raised $10 million from Scale Venture Partners.

Ad networks aggregate audiences and sell ads to marketers, sharing the proceeds with publishers/producers.

Ultimately, ad and content networks operate in a high-risk, winner-take-all game. Today, My Space is searching for its while IGN treks along as an unstoppable force in its sphere. In online video, producers are agnostic to distribution channel or platform.

To reduce risk, they diversify distribution, but the jury’s out on whether hyper distribution bears fruit.

If that changes, look out for Freewheel, which according to CEO Doug Knopper allows “media companies and content owners to be able to monetize their video libraries across multiple channels and devices”. Ex-Disney CEO Michael Eisner doesn’t pretend to know how the industry is going to play out, but he’s got no doubts what the end result will be: “I don’t know if the growth in content made for the Internet will be evolutionary or revolutionary, but it can’t not happen: a death march has been going on for other media who are in trouble because there is a more efficient way to share content around the world with the Internet.” Business Models Take Time to Develop Eisner made his fortune in television. In Fred Wilson’s influential 2005 post “The Future of Media (aka Please Take My RSS Feed)”, he suggests to: 1 – Microchunk it – Reduce the content to its simplest form.

2 – Free it – Put it out there without walls around it or strings on it.

Online video is where the Web was ten years ago: in investment mode as video companies that are generating high revenue are not necessarily the most profitable.

Are those companies suffering low margins because they’re investing in the future or are they fundamentally lower-margin businesses?

The low margin is the least of their problems; differentiation and defensibility are.