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Romancing Singapore is a festival to celebrate love & romance.

If the prawns are served with their heads and shells already removed, all you need to do is use the tail as a natural handle, and discard the tail once you’ve eaten the flesh.

Clean your hands in the fingerbowl, one hand at a time, and dry them on your napkin.

However, you should really approach these little shellfish slightly more delicately.

Use an empty mussel shell as a pincer to extract the other mussels from their shells and transport them to your mouth.

The most important part of the lobster to focus on, besides the main body, is its claws.

Using the lobster crackers, press the big claws until they break.

Eating seafood can often be an embarrassing, stressful, difficult experience.

As much as we love dining on a fresh lobster, a bowlful of mussels, or some grilled prawns, eating them always induces a mini panic attack as we worry about how we’re going to avoid making a complete fool of ourselves by approaching these crazy creatures all wrong.

Die Klinik liegt über Oberstdorf auf einem sonnigen Hochplateau inmitten einer einmaligen Naturlandschaft.