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Today’s chat platforms distinguish themselves from their dial-up forebears by making sharing of photos, GIFs, and videos more nimble.

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The act of chatting online with strangers–that phenomenon that first found its footing in the ‘90s, with clunky design and dial-up access–is fashionable beyond the workplace.

In October, Facebook launched Rooms, a way for users to anonymously swap photos and comments about shared interests.

In an environment where many social networks now encourage or mandate real names, the freedom to use a moniker is refreshing, according to Chris Hajek, a professor of communication at the University of Texas at San Antonio.“[They] fulfill a need other sites or other forms of communication don’t,” he says.

It’s a premise Ekho Powell, a 33-year-old public relations professional in Florida, agrees with.

“A chat app is quick and short, without too much concern.”Facebook’s investment in Rooms–and the creation of platforms like Tags Chat–spotlights a trend with the keen ability to influence social media platforms big and small.

And Stewart Butterfield, the CEO and cofounder of Slack, says this trend is a matter of course.“It took many years to get this many people online and comfortable with online interaction,” Butterfield said.

She’s toned down her Facebook use and migrated to anonymous apps like Banter, which allows users to chat with others nearby.“Social media built great roads and connections to people’s lives,” Powell said. But somewhere along the line, it broke down our carefully constructed boundaries.”To entice users like Powell, newer services have crafted their entire platforms around preserving these boundaries.

And the in-beta service Tags Chat hopes to be in the vanguard.

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