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Who is chyler leigh dating

Whenever they earned money from acting, they spent the money on drugs.

To further complicate Lexie’s love life, her ex, Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) is secretly still in love with her.

But in real life, Chyler’s love life is blissfully simple.

She has been married for almost 10 years to the actor Nathan West, and we thought we’d get to know him a little better.

In an interview with TV Insider, Leigh said that most of the response to the storyline has been positive.

“It has been such a wild ride and there has been an overwhelming amount of positive responses,” Leigh told the site.

2) They met in 2000, when they played “troubled friends” of Jessica Biel’s character (Mary Camden) on (Nathan played the fake Freddie Prinze, Jr. 5) They have a pact where whoever guesses the correct gender of their baby gets to choose the name.

Chyler guessed that her firstborn would be a boy, so she named Noah.

In season two of Supergirl, Alex has finally been able to build a life of her own, as Kara has matured more as Supergirl.