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You don’t have to wonder what I’ll look like after a shower or in the morning. This also means I will never take you to a store that would give you a migraine due to its aroma, or use weird phrases like “I just need to put on my face.” It’s always on. Then the wedding will be about us, and not what our parents and friends want. I like shopping alright, but it’s not my favorite pastime. My attention span for looking at junk I don’t need or clothes I can’t afford is really short, so there’s no point in taking someone with me.

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If I ever decide to do the online dating thing, this is what I will say. If I’m late, it’s because I intentionally wasted time on the computer or watching sitcoms so I wouldn’t be super early. I’ll eat that thing with a weird French name and a sauce I have no idea what’s in it. I may watch it when it comes on TV, but I vow to never make you watch it, until death do us part. I finally bought lipstick two months ago, it was like becoming a woman.

I was the girl in college who waited 15 minutes before we had to leave to get ready, and still managed to be the one ushering my friends out of the door. So whether you eat like a five year old or like a food critic as long as I’m not hungry, save me a seat at your table. For some reason becoming financially independent didn’t make me feel like an adult, but buying a $5.00 tube of stuff to change the color of my lips did.

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